Monday, January 10, 2011

SWATCH: OPI Unripened VS The Faceshop BK901

Good Monday Morning guys! I have here something that I bought on November last year, new from The Faceshop, BK901. Another is from OPI Go Goth collection, Unripened. I thought these looked the same.

 OPI Unripened, The Faceshop BK901(With Flash)

  OPI Unripened, The Faceshop BK901 (No Flash)

 Guess which one is Unripened and BK901.

 No flash

 With Flash

OPI Unripened has a black base, duochrome with teal microshimmer. The Faceshop BK901 also has a black base, duochrome with teal microshimmer although its leaning more over purple. But that's by looking closely. I can say its quite similar and The Faceshop can be a cheaper alternative from OPI Unripened.

So what do you think?


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