Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NAIL ART: Music and my guitars

Good Morning ladies! I still have Bobbie Mudslide on my nails and I thought of doing nail art since its been 1 week since I made one. 

So my inspiration came from Nikki of Ask Me Whats, I used her musical notes, added my guitars in it, and voila! A new design! =)

Here are my guitars:

My Tomato colored acoustic guitar and my Hello Kitty Stratocaster.

So onto the nails:

I was cleaning up my room yesterday and found something that I used back in Highschool. It's my Water Colors!

And who said that nail art can't be cheap? I used my watercolors for my new design.And here it is!

It's very simple since I just wanted to try out if water colors work just as well as acrylic paint or nail polish.

I just needed my fine brushes, one for painting and one for cleaning. I f you had a mistake just dip the cleaner brush in water, wipe excess then gently clean the small area. It's that easy!

 Here's my thumb with my Hello Kitty Stratocaster, I know it looks pathetic, I just need more practice drawing Hello Kitty =p

Here's my ring finger with my acoustic guitar.

- painting with water color is easy
- dries fast but not sticky unlike when your working with polish
- endless possiblities with colors since you can mix it and come up with different ones
- very affordable and accessible

- dries pretty rough, although it might not be that bothersome to some.
- chips fast even with topcoat, my guitar on my right thumb chipped while I was sleeping.

So that's it. Maybe its good for 1-2 days nail art. But then, it will give you the chance to change it everyday without feeling guilty of wasting a fair amount of nail art supplies. So what do you think?


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