Friday, December 31, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RANDOM: Wanna see something really adorable? (pic heavy)

Hi everyone! This post is non-polish related, so people who don't want it, now's the time to go. =P

Alright, So, I'd like to share something that I got from my email. This really made my day. They say that when your baby's sleeping, so should you. Maybe if you have a cute baby like this and an imagination that just wont quit, you just wont.  Here are the pictures, Enjoy! =)

 This little girl’s mother is a computer specialist from Helsinki, Finland. While her daughter is soundly asleep, she creates a completely different world … from whatever she can find around her! That’s how both of them became really famous. What a truly fabulous imagination!

 So which is your favorite? =)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NAIL ART: Bring me luck this new year!

Hi everyone! I'd like to show you my new year nails. See, here in the Philippines, because of Chinese influence, we believe that having round things during New Year's eve will bring you luck. Round fruits on the table, dotted clothes, gold coins scattered all over the house, etc.. So in lieu with that, I give you my "Please I need luck nails!"

 That glitter is insane! Although its really gritty when worn. And the holo effect of the glitters disappear once the polish is dry. Sucks.

 I used Etude House Black Glam for the base and China Glaze 2030 for the dots.

This is my effed up left hand.

Sorry for all the mess, I was making creme brulee' while doing my nails. Talk about multi-tasking. =P

Alright, I'm a bit of in a hurry. Happy New Year guys!



Saturday, December 25, 2010

GIVEAWAYS: From Beautyburg

Hi guys! There's a great giveaway over at Beautyburg's blog! The prize? Get a load of this!

Ends on January 31, 2011. What are you waiting for?!

Goodnight guys, Happy Christmas morning! =)


Friday, December 24, 2010

RANDOM: A surprise in the mail!

Hi everyone! This will be a quick one. I got a sweet surprise from the mail! Finally, its here!

A huge image plate from my boyfriend! Thanks babe! =) Just in time for Christmas eve, and that's tonight! 
Ok, gotta go, gotta prepare some food for our Noche Buena. Merry Christmas guys! Have a good one!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NAIL ART: Christmas Trees and some snowmen!

Hi everyone! I'm enjoying this vacation cause I get to do NOTHING! Yup, I don't have to think of anything. And the greatest way to spend my day? Doing my nails of course! Then reading blogs. Then reading some more.. 

Anyway, Here in the Philippines, we don't go looking for the perfect pine tree for our Christmas tree, all of our trees here are made out of synthetic materials. Its a tropical country so most often you'll see coconut trees, mango trees, papaya trees,etc.. So for us to get a real pine tree, we have to travel for about 6 hours (which is the closest) to Baguio or the Cordilleras just to cut down one. The Cordilleras is the mountainous of all regions here in the Philippines. Also we don't have snow here. Again, its a tropical country. We have beaches and islands. Lots of 'em! So some people here spend there holidays at the beach. Like Boracay. Its a party island so if you're looking for somewhere serene, Boracay's not the place. =)

Anyway, so what if we dont have snow. We still have Christmas trees, and Noche Buena, and Lechon! Man, its so awesome! Lechon means roasted pig. Its so juicy with a very crispy skin and it comes with a sauce that's so good, you can just eat it on its own with your finger. Haha! I'm getting hungry with this. Let me show you this Lechon.

I'm drooling so much right now.

On to the nails!

I'd love to make a snowman out of snow, but we dont have that here so this is the next best thing.=)

I used Orly Its up to blue for the base
for the snowman: Sponged some White,  2 way paint pen in White, Black, Red
for the Christmas tree: 2 way paint pen in Dark Green , Light green, Red, Blue,Yellow Gold glitters

 Merry Christmas! =)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NAIL ART: Shooting Pearls

Hi everyone, this will be a quick one. Its something that I made from the past again.


Monday, December 20, 2010

NAIL ART: Sweet-tooth

Hi everyone! Good Monday morning to you! One thing I'm raving about today? I got to get up at 10AM, because its our Christmas break from the office and work resumes next year! Goody! I have short trips in mind and a lot of polish shopping too! That is if my boyfriend lets me have all the polish that I want. He's like my conscience, constantly telling me if I still need to buy one when I have 5 already in the bag. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but a lot of times, I'm very thankful. Its for my own good anyway.

On to the nails:

Last week, I did a "trial" cupcake on a fake nail and I loved it! Now, I painted it on my nails with other things.

It looked like my middle finger's messed up, but its just the reflection of the light. =p

I used China Glaze Unplugged for the base. For the cupcake I used Bobbie White, Pink Lace and  Blue Sleigh. For the frosting on my pinky, I used Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl. For the index and ring, I used Pink konad special polish. I added a rhinestone on top of the cupcake and outlined it with silver beads.

That's it for me today, Enjoy!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

RANDOM: I won and guess the polish that arrived in our shores!

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Mine was great! (Despite the fact that I had rashes all over which made everyone so paranoid since I recently had fever-- They thought I had dengue fever) I wasn't too worried myself. Last Friday I went with my dad (yup, he's my boss) to the company's Christmas Party. It was ok, the Nachos were amazing! I should've taken a picture. Nachos were dumpling-like so it wasnt messy at all, and the cheese, it was generously placed on top of each so you wont have to dip every time you'll take a bite. And the first thing you'll do is to gobble it up in one piece. Man, it was so good! I cant describe it any further. I'll go back there next time, order that nachos, i'll also take a picture so I can give justice to this awesome food.

I'm also suspecting that it was the nachos that caused my allergic reaction. Great. So much for the good stuff.


I was walking inside the department store (SM Sucat) when I saw where the Revlons were. I was hoping I might stumble on Perplex.. And no, there wasn't any. But look what I found on their New Arrivals:

 Revlon Emerald City and Ruby Ribbon

Wow. Again, I didnt think twice, got the 2 bottles and hurriedly paid. There were two other colors, I might get those this week. But I just had to take these first. Aren't they pretty? 

I just love it!

I'll be swatching that one of these days. I still have a lot of untrieds. 


I won a giveaway from Jenny of Polishology!!  It's the ELF Holiday Nail Polish Trio! I'm really excited!! Thanks so much Jenny! This is my first time to win something from a fellow blogger. Thanks for being so generous Jenny! 

Ok, I'm drowsy from the antihistamine that I took, I cant fight it anymore.. I.. need.. to.. sleep.. Goodnight...


Friday, December 17, 2010

SWATCH: Bobbie Weng Weng

Hi guys! I'm going to show you a polish that's locally available. This was included in the loot that I got a couple of days ago from the department store. Its Bobbie.  It comes in little bottles and is about Php30 or $0.70 each. I already featured some of them here.

Anyway, this polish has a funny name. "Weng Weng, in the Philippines it  can be a) the short martial arts  70's actor or b) a cocktail which a lot of people like. Either way, it doesn't represent the color. 

But the great thing about this polish? It's holo! And a local company made it! Cheers to Bobbie! Finally, something that's not frosty.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

This was the best that my camera did. There were a lot of glitters. Its really pretty =)

Uh-oh. Im feeling feverish again, I need to lie down, dont wanna stay sick for the rest of the weekend. Need to rest.

That's it for me,


* oh btw, if you wanna try out weng weng, here's the recipe.. enjoy!

Mix vodka, tequila, rum, bourbon, brandy and scotch in a collins glass. Add ice cubes up to 3/4 of glass. Stir. Fill in with equal portions of chilled orange and pineapple juices to top. Add a dash of grenadine.

Weng Weng Ingredients
3/4 oz Vodka
3/4 oz Tequila
3/4 oz Brandy
3/4 oz Bourbon
3/4 oz Scotch Whiskey
3/4 oz Rum
cubes (Fill to Top) Ice
oz (Fill With) Orange Juice
oz (Fill With) Pine Apple Juice
dash Grenadine

 You might also want to read about the other Bobbie Holoprisms.

RANDOM: Bobbie Holo goodness =)

SWATCH: Bobbie Purple Passion

SWATCH: Bobbie Mojito

SWATCH: Barielle U Concrete Me + Bobbie Vodka Ice


Thursday, December 16, 2010

RANDOM: I just got tagged!

Earlier today I got tagged by Jamie of (Squoval)icious!. Thanks so much Jamie, so thoughtful of you! =)

Here we go:

1) What is your favourite bath product and why?
My favorite is something from our local beauty store, Watsons' Cream Body wash in Strawberry. Its cheap, doesn't make my skin dry and it smells so good!

2) If you could choose to be a celebrity for a day, who do you wanna be? why?
Maybe I'll go for Blake Lively. She's gorgeous with mile-long legs, amazing body and flirty hair.

3) Meteor showers or nice, long shower?
Nice, long, hot shower

4) Most hated word/slang?
If in my own language which is Tagalog, I'd say "syota". Eek. Even typing it made me cringe. It means a slang for a friend you're romantically involved with.
I hate "hubby" too. as in husband. Bleh.

5) Exams or essays? (haha cant resist this question :P )
Exams! Its better when you have choices rather than explaining things you hardly even know about. =p

6) Who is one person you most want to do a manicure on?
My boyfriend! Hahaha! He never lets me!

7) One place you wished you never left?
A place where I worked before. Met the best people on Earth!

8) Favourite cake?
Again, something that's locally available - Ms. Polly's chocolate cake - pure decadence. Moist cake with chocolate frosting. 

9) Which would you rather spend on - a dupe for your favouritest shade (discontinued) or the shade on top of your lemming list? (only have enough $ for one)
Oh that's easy, I'll go for the dupe which is discontinued. I might not find it anymore if I passed on it.

10) Which is your all-time favourite song?
Song? Hmm.. I don't have an all-time favorite but I like a lot of songs. =) Well how about from the most played playlist in my ipod? I'd say Glee =P

Alright! That's done, Now for the people that Im gonna tag:

Enjoy! I'll try to do a mani today, I'm still recovering at the moment.

Lots of love,



Im really sorry girls, I was too sick that I wasn't able to make my own questions.. So sorry.. I'll do it next time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GIVEAWAYS: $100 Broadway Nails from Babbling Brooke

Hi guys! I'd like to tell you about this cool giveaway from Babbling Brooke! Enjoy!

$100 Broadway Nails Giveaway

Happy Holidays!  Today I have the first of three holiday giveaways and this one, courtesy of Broadway Nails, is spectacular.

TWO lucky Babbling Brooke readers will each get a huge $100 Broadway Nails Gift Set filled with Broadway Nails and Broadway Nail products!

Each set includes:

2 Fast French Nail Kits 
4 Real Life Nail Kits 
2 Fashion Diva Mismatched Nail Kits
4 Fashion Diva Nail Kits 
2 Color Changing Nails Kits
2 Fast French Divine Nail Kits 
One Nail Polish Remover Kit
3 Nail Stickers Sets 
Total retail value: $100

To enter to win, just leave comments below.  
Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

First entry: Leave your email address (you need to be a follower)
Second entry: Tweet about this giveaway with a link to this post (leave a comment with your Twitter ID)
Third, fourth, and fifth entries: Blog about this giveaway (leave three separate comments with a link to the post)

This giveaway will be open until January 1, 2011.  Good luck, and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RANDOM: Cutest polish bottle ever!

Well not EVER, but one of the cutest maybe. Hi everyone! Yesterday, I was lazily looking around the department store for anything that I can find interesting. I looked in the women's department, nah. nothing special. I looked in the school supplies section, cosmetics section, and still, nothing! Then I walked some more until my feet led me to the toys section. I looked at Barbies and clays and doll houses.. Until I walked over to the "cosmetics" part of the toys section.There were make-up, lip glosses were everywhere, clips, cute mirrors and this:

 Cupcake Cuties Nail Polish!

When I saw the box, I didn't think it over, I just paid and left the building giddy and almost skipping with glee. The whole box is Php199, about $4. And the cutest addition to it, the caps! 

 Completely non-toxic, peel-off nail polish.

I tried swatching the blue one with a fake nail. It was sheer. Really really sheer. And the drying time? Takes about, well, FOREVER. Well, not really. I wasn't able to track the time but maybe dry to touch in about 30 minutes or so. I haven't tried putting a base coat first, maybe that might change things.  I'll try swatching it on my nails in a few days. I cant do it today because I'm sick. Yup, fever, sorethroat, headache. All those stuff.

That's it for me!




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