Monday, January 17, 2011

SWATCH: Barielle U Concrete Me + Bobbie Vodka Ice

Time for Bobbie Vodka Ice but I heard that its too sheer. I don't want to waste my time by painting 5 coats of polish  so I layered it instead. I used Barielle U Concrete Me as base. But before I show you the layered mani, let me show you Barielle U Concrete Me first.

I also clipped my nails because I was so irritated with it. It felt like I had witch nails.

Barielle U Concrete Me-  A beautiful gray cream that's very easy to apply, although I wasn't really happy with the brush. It was a bit uneven. But that's just the flaw, I'm loving this simple gray cream.This was 2 coats and drying time was good.

Now I'll be showing you the layered mani.

 Bobbie Vodka Ice- a sheer silver holo. The holo effect is scattered so I'm not that impressed. I like linear ones. This was 2 coats, formula and brush was ok.

You won't see it that much if the picture's taken with flash.

Overcast. The effect is still barely noticeable.
 I changed the settings of my camera so I can capture the effect. Although it just made my fingers look horrible.

 Now I'll show you how the effect sort of looks like =p


I hope it helps.

Oh and I don't dig this look so much. I don't know, maybe my base is too dark for it? Maybe I should've layered  it on silver. Would it work? How about you, what do you think?

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pamgotcrazy said...

I'm sooo happy that bobbie has holographic polishes.. it's really affordable and it has the same effect as to what other imported products are offering.


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