Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RANDOM: Spotted at Rustan's- Sparitual

Hi everyone! This week is soo slow! I'm so wishing for Friday to come! But its only what, Tuesday?? I cant help it if I'm like this, I need a motivation, a career change maybe?  If only. 


Earlier today I passed by Rustan's after picking up some stuff in the office. Nothing new over at Essie, Lippmann collection, Sally Hansen, etc. There was a set of OPI's which has You dont know Jacques and Ink. I'm planning to get that one. I continued browsing until I saw it sitting right next to the Sally Hansens. Sparitual. It was the first time that I saw one. Although I wasn't that thrilled because I wasn't itching for a bottle since I knew that it was hard to have one, the only place where we can get one is at Organic Rituals Spa at Greenhills. I live in the south so its a bit far from me. A bottle costs Php695 each, didn't get to see which collection was there because I was in a hurry. 

Anyway, January 14 is coming up, time for polish shopping again coz Sol of My Digital Traincase will be at The Rockwell Bazaar!

That's it for me tonight, the Bobbie swatches are coming up! See ya next post!



Aryn said...

Normally quite a few beauty suppliers carry it but you can only buy from there normally if you have or know someone who has some kind of beauty licene.

Camille said...

Really? So there's only quite a few shops that carry it? Huh. Didn't know that, thanks for the heads up Aryn! =)

Aryn said...

Well here in Canada at least, you cant get it anywhere but beauty shops and their are quite a few that carry it but I wouldnt know about other places. But your welcome.

Cathy said...

SpaRitual is being imported and distributed exclusively by Ms. Shelly Lazaro. You can call her at 9139920 or 4343434. Her office is in Katipunan, QC. I just love this brand! Keeps my nails pretty (fabulous shades!) and healthy (certified organic!).


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