Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SWATCH: Caress Gray Stone

When I started out back in 2007, I was very much into pinks, reds, browns but never into grays, blues and greens. Now, whenever I'm polish shopping I find myself looking at those colors that I never even dreamed of wearing. Now, when I look at my collection, there's more greens and blues than pinks and reds. And a new addition to it is Caress Gray Stone.

 Its a gray cream, with teeny tiny shimmers.


 I think so.

 I actually enjoyed applying this.

Although of course. Caress' formula is the worst out there.

But every coat that I painted, everytime it gives me its real color,

 I felt so happy just by looking at it.

Ok. So again, streaky, starts out thin, thickens during application, took me 4 coats to even this out and well, great color =)


ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

In spite of the many coats you had to use, this is a beautiful color!

Camille said...

Yup, i can overlook the coats with that beautiful color! =)


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