About Me

I'm Camille and I'm very much obsessed with nail polish, nail art and everything that has something to do with my nails. I blog about it,write reviews and I do my own nail art. The nail art designs that I have in my blog are a mix of Konadicures and free hand designs. I have yet to experience decals, stickers and other stuff that I haven't laid my hands on. I also do updates on nail polish trends. I write about everyday experiences with polish and nail-related things like my adventures during polish shopping, be it online or at shops. You can also read about my never ending quest for nail art products, especially cheap ones. In this blog, you'll see how girls like me talk about things that we have in common, mostly, of course, nail polish.

Wanna say something? Feel free to contact me at cams_j5 at yahoo.com. Thanks!


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