Monday, January 3, 2011

RANDOM: Bobbie Holo goodness =)

Hi guys! How was your first day of work? Mine was pretty sluggish. I'm on autopilot for today. I'm still not over the Christmas break. But I do enjoy the weather outside. Chilly breeze plus hot cup of chocolate milk. Aah.. Perfect. Oh, and enjoying a nice conversation with my boyfriend. Pure bliss. *daydreams*


Ahem. Err. Anyway, haha! I'm hopeless. 

Earlier today, I decided to have lunch at the mall. Before eating I went to the department store to just look at polishes. I remembered about Bobbie Weng Weng. Its a beautiful holo from a local polish company which I talked about here. I wondered if it was a whole collection. I looked at dozens of polishes and saw that there is a complete collection. And the names were all cocktails! I got 6 more of it! I got very excited because it is the first time that a local brand made something that's very much current to the nail trend overseas. So enough blah, here are the goodies. 
(L-R) Mojito, Vodka on Ice, Purple Passion

Vodka on Ice. I love it! Although it still lacks a bit more of the effect, This helps kill the lemming for silver holo. For like 2 days. I kid.

 Mojito. What's the deal with it? Is it magenta? Is it dark red? But look at all those glitters! Seriously, I love this one!

 Purple Passion. This one's good too!

 (L-R) Mudslide, Margarita, Mint Daiquiri

Mudslide. Gorgeous bronze holo.

Margarita. Pink holo shimmer. Its pretty, but not so special.

Mint Daiquiri. I'm still wondering where did the mint go? Its gold with a subtle hint of holo.

 Weng Weng

 Weng Weng. This is still my most favorite of the bunch. A dark bluish/grayish holo.

 (L-R) Mint Daiquiri, Purple Passion, Mojito, Mudslide, Margarita, Weng Weng, Vodka on Ice.

Overall, I love Weng Weng, Vodka on Ice and Mojito. The only downside is,  as for the other colors, the holo is a bit too subtle. But I haven't tried it on the nails. Also, there are no greens in this collection. Or did I miss out on it.  Anyway, I'm still happy, because we have a holo here and its freakin' cheap (Php 33.00 or around $0.77 a pop, beat that!). I just hope that they come in larger bottles instead of those 8ml ones.I can't wait to swatch 'em all!

So do you like it? Or would you give it a pass?




~tHiAmErE~ said...

love that purple passion & mojito!
will definitely be buying those

I think these polishes are keeping me from buying china glaze's holo polishes...
saves me a whole lot of money!

Camille said...

I know! Haha!

I'm waiting for tronica too but after buying all these, I dont think I'm gonna get a lot from that collection =P

Anonymous said...

These look amazing! I can't wait to see them. Weng Weng looks so gorgeous

Camille said...

I'd love to send these to you, its just that there's a lot of shipping restrictions here. I'mma do more research about alternative shipping so I can send these babies to you.

But I cant promise that yet. =)

Varnish Vixen said...

Oooh! I really like Purple Passion.

Camille said...

Purple passion's prettier in real life=)

BelleJoie said...

I am sooooo envious of you!
Such gorgeous holos.
If only I could fly to the Philippines to buy some.

Camille said...

Hi BelleJoie! Dont be, you have access to most of the amazing brands and collections out there. Although a bottle of nail polish from a local brand is incredibly cheaper here=P Lol! Thanks for dropping by! =)

BelleJoie said...

It is soooo much cheaper there.
There are great brands, but they are quite a bit more expensive. And it's a bit different in Canada... it's hard to find a lot of the new releases here. Holos even more so. We basically only get the standard collections, never the limited editions.


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