Sunday, January 9, 2011

SWATCH: Caress Sea Green

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was fun! I was with my boyfriend's family yesterday and played with the 3 babies. Today, I just stayed home and played with my untried polishes. I was planning to swatch my Bobbie Holos but it was very gloomy all day. It would be a waste if I swatched it and showed it to you without the sun. I decided to just try out another local polish that I got last Friday in The Landmark, Makati. That place is awesome! They renovated the whole place, there were 6 nail polish stands and a wall filled with nail art supplies! When I passed by, I swear I heard angels! Haha! Exaggerated much? =P

I didn't get something from Orly because I was saving up for the bazaar at Rockwell where My Digital Traincase would be participating. (and that's next weekend) I just opted for the local polishes. There was a polish that I had been itching for since last month after realizing how much I wanted it. Crackle polish. I had to have one. I saw one in The Landmark, Trinoma on October but going back there just to buy one is a pain in the ass. Its too far from where I live, period. So to sum it all up, after weeks of avoiding that darn polish, I caved. I got the black one.  I'll just tell you all about it on my Crackle polish post.

So the other polish that I got was Caress Sea Green, Caress Cool Blue, Caress Gray Stone and Caress Christmas Polka. From what I observed, Caress has a lot of beautiful colors in their polish line.  If  I'm correct, they also look like some of the popular polishes that are mostly featured in blogs. Looks like its gonna be a Caress week.=)

 Now I give you Caress Sea Green.

 Its like camouflage green. A bit streaky but manageable. This was 3 coats. One thing I hate about Caress, its the formula. Its sheer, streaky, starts out thin but thickens up a bit during application.

 I wish I can show you the real color.

  Its much prettier than this.

 I also tried adding China Glaze Matte Magic, I like it more=)

Reminds me of a chalkboard that we had in my early school years.

 Now, its only seen as a scoreboard on amateur basketball leagues.

Looks dull in the picture, but I promise, its not.

I hope you find it pretty too.

That's it for me tonight. Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend! 



rosey said...

i have some caress polish too that I've yet to try. I tried it last time, and yes, it's so streaky, tinamad na ko ulit itry.haha! i like this color though.

Camille said...

Ive been experiencing the same with every Caress that I have. Sayang talaga, nice pa naman colors nila. Nakakatamad nga tuloy itry. Buti drying time's a but ok. But you need to put at least 3-4 coats to even it out. Sayang talaga.

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Such a lovely green!


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