Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SWATCH: Caress Autumn Glory

Quick post ladies! Another busy day tomorrow! Have to sleep in a while. Here's Caress Autumn Green Glory.

 Caress Autumn Green Glory- Sap green in color, application was ok, love the color too.

 I love how it complemented my short nails.

Do you dig this? Goodnight ladies!


Monday, February 21, 2011

SWATCH: BK Pink foil

Hi ladies! Sorry for me being MIA.. My working hours are just so long that when I get back at home I just read a little of everyone's post then doze off after. Anyway, I'm still finding ways on how to cope up with this. Enough of the talk, here's my nails.

I got this in Market! Market!, Taguig a week ago. This color was very pretty in the bottle but oddly enough it didn't transpire on my nails.

BK Pink Foil- a pink and gold duochrome in the bottle but on the nails, its just a pink foil. Formula was ok, took me 4 coats.

BK's dont have names or numbers for their shades. 

Well that's it everyone! Polish to everyone! =)


Friday, February 18, 2011

SWATCH: Bobbie Foil it collection

Hi girls! A busy busy week again, so this one will be really quick, more pictures than blah blah.

I'll be showing you Bobbie Foil it! Collection:

Bobbie Electrified - a silver foil, application was great. 2 coats

Bobbie Adored - a rose colored foil, had no problem with the application, 2 coats.

Bobbie Charmed - a dark silver foil, more like gun metal in color, 2 coats.

Overall, I liked it. Drying time was ok, along with the brush and the formula. It wasn't too thin nor thick, just right.

That's it for me, need to sleep, I still have a long day ahead of me. Thanks for reading =)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SWATCH: Jordana Silky Purple

Hi everyone! Just a quick one. I found this in a dollar store in Market! Market! at The Fort. 

Jordana Silky Purple - a purple cream that's very easy to apply. Formula and brush was excellent.

 I love the color too!

I just hate taking pictures of my right hand.

Well, thanks for reading, til next post guys! =)


NAIL ART: Most simple design I've done. Even if its the 14th

Hi everyone! Whew! Sorry for the long absence. I had the craziest week! I had a 12-hour shift for 5 days, then had a break on Saturday, then worked again on Sunday! I never even had time to play with my polishes! I was so excited for my 2 days off. Starting today til tomorrow then I'll be facing a crazy week again. I don't know if I can last a long time with this kind of schedule. We'll see.

Anyway, I have a very glittery polish for you. I made a very simple design since I was in a hurry this morning  and I need to get this off by tomorrow night. 

First, I'd like to show you the polish I used, Diana Manicure 1531.

Diana Manicure 1531- A  red jelly filled with red and silver glitters.

Bloody? Very.

Application was perfect, brush was a pro-wide one, which was very unusual considering that it was only Php60. ($1.50)

Here's my nail art. Told you it was simple =P I used Etude House PP007 for the hearts. 

That's it for me tonight! I'll try to put up as many posts as I can this week or until I get used to my schedule. I'm usually dead beat when I get home so I think I need to take some time to get used to everything. 
Goodnight ladies,


PS. To Kc, I'm really sorry I wasn't able to show you the flakies. I never had the time to go to the mall to look for it. Really sorry dear.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SWATCH: Testing the waters---Water Decals

Good Morning ladies! It's Saturday and I'm heading out! Will be in a film photography seminar later, really excited! =) Anyway. Last night I was too tired to do a new design on my nails. On the way home, I was already thinking about the colors, if I was gonna do some Konading or just freehand. But as soon as I got home, cleaned up, made desert for today, I was dead beat. Laziness got the best of me. I practically throwed myself to bed after all the crazy. But then, I remembered, I bought some water decals a few weeks back. With my last bit of energy pumping in my veins, I got up, looked for the decals, and prepared all the things I needed for the manicure.

After I gathered everything, I was completely clueless on what to do next. Only thing I knew about decals? Soak it in water, file the extra decal from your nail. Simple right? Wrong. I had a hard time on the first 5 nails. But that's ok, I was on the learning phase anyway. So, I applied my base coat, while waiting for it to dry, cut the decals, and placed it neatly side by side so I won't get confused and know which goes to what nail. After cutting, I soaked the first one in water, (I thought that the decal will separate itself from the paper, heck I was stupid), used the tweezer to get it out of the water, removed the paper, place it on my nail. Now this is where it gets a bit annoying. after aligning the decal on my nail, I folded the extra part, and when I was filing it, the decal slipped away from my nail. And it did that, a lot of times. I had to anchor my thumb or the finger right next to it so that it wont slip. Well that's the only thing that annoyed me. After placing the decals, I applied my top coat, and I was done! It took me about 30 minutes, inclusive of cleaning. It was quick and breezy! Alright, enough of the talk, I'll show you my nails =P

And a small loot! Yey! =)

 Bobbie Charmed, Adored and Electrified from the Foil it! Collection

Diana Manicure Red Glitter, Care Romeis Glow in the dark

Yes, you read it right! Glow in the dark! I haven't tried it out yet, maybe tonight, but Ive seen it glow last night! And that Diana Manicure polish? Its a red jelly filled with glitter! Best part? Its a one-coater! Can't wait to play with these! 

That's it for me today, enjoy your Saturday!


Friday, February 4, 2011

RANDOM: Just a reminder

Ladies! Do you know Rins of SimplyRins Nail Art Designs?  Have you seen her awesome nail art designs? Head on over to her blog to see all of it. In the mean time, let me tell you what's going on.
She's one of the contestants of Parokeets' Nail Art Challenge: Show us your country. Her's is the second entry, one that's from the Philippines. Please vote for her! 

A little preview of her work, photo credit from Parokeets

You must log in to your google account, the poll is in the sidebar, comments are NOT counted.

Thanks Ladies! =)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi everyone! Happy Hump day! I'm a bit sad right now. You see, tomorrow I might start working as a nurse again in the hospital. I'll be a volunteer nurse with just a pesky allowance. Nurses here in the Philippines start off as a volunteer first. And if you're lucky, they might hire you eventually. I've always wanted a career change but I can't. My parents keep on bugging me about my future and not think about short term plans.

Anyway. I'm getting depressed and I don't like it at all.

So right now, I'm not sure if the hospital that I'm gonna be working for allow nurses to wear polish. I'm praying that they do. I've seen an older nurse wearing nail art in that hospital before. I'm crossing my fingers.=)

I planned on doing another hearts day nail art but since I got a call from the hospital, I switched to just a simple mani. Hope this brightens up my day.

Please don't mind the bubbles. I tried to even it out by using a topcoat.

BNC 391 - A grayish mauve cream. It was thick but manageable, bubbly and the brush is a nightmare. It was so thick, I wish I used a finer brush for this. But nonetheless, its still a beautiful color.

Does it look familiar?

 My kind of Cool Aid maybe? or Dove?

Or not.

Well, overall, I like it, but I might make a few changes. Like the brush perhaps?

That's it for me today. Enjoy your day ladies!



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