Saturday, July 6, 2013

NAIL ART: Houndstooth nails, SWATCH: Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue

Hi lovelies! How's everyone? Ive been meaning to do a konadicure for some time now. Finally got the will to do it! First few tries were a disaster! Its been years since I held the scraper and the stamper! I'm convinced, I need a new and bigger one. And also new plates :P Anyway. 

Today, I got tired of my Aztec nails, major part of it was that its sooo messed up. I wanted a cleaner and better nail design. I opted for the houndstooth cause I thought it was pretty neat. Let's get to the nails :)

Oh! Before that  let me show you my base coat:

Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue from the One Less Lonely Girl Collection

"Baby" Blue - a sky blue cream. 

Very pretty right? Application was a breeze, like butter. This is one of my favorite shades of blue. Now to the nail art!

Like it?

I used China Glaze First Mate for stamping.

Base Coat: Seche Clear
Base Color Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue
Stamp: China Glaze
Top Coat: Seche Vite
Image Plate: Big Plate B

That's it for today! Take Care!

Camille :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NAIL ART: Aztec Nails

Hi there ladies! Wow! Its been a while! I miss everything here. I haven't read any of the blog posts for the past 5 months. A little too long, right? Right now, I'm so behind on any new lines from nail polish brands. I'm not worrying so much since I live far far away from Manila, far from malls and department stores. Although there's one here that carries most of the new polishes from Revlon. But that's it. Oh, and I also got the chance to go to Red Dot Boutique several times. Man, its a gold mine there! Who would have thought that a local boutique could carry so many foreign brands. I even saw that banana powder from Ben Nye. And there's also Urban Decay, NYX, Sephora.. For the polishes, they have Zoya, OPI, Wet n' Wild, Orly.. Its a wonderland out there!!! There's also brushes from Charm, which I so so so love! And that portable vanity with lights! Oh, and I love the clothes!! Sans the high pricetag. But in a province like this, its a freakin gift! I could go on and on about this nifty little store. But, I can do that in another blogpost, with photos. :)

Ok.. So I am so late with my nail thingies. I do really hope I'll get my groove back. Its been months since my nails had color painted on it. I've been seeing tribal/aztec prints like everywhere. And yes, also on nails. I got really inspired and wanted to do my own take on aztec prints. So here, PLEASE, PLEASE, forgive my poor attempt on aztec nails. Its been awhile and I was having a hard time using my nail art brushes. Its not perfect, but it'll be better on my next posts. :)

 None of the prints here are the same.

I'd love to do a tutorial on how I did it, but I don't think this creation earns me the right to do it.

 It looks good from afar though ;p

Are you still scrolling down???

Left Hand

Left Thumb

Right Thumb

Right Hand
So there you have it! Oh, the polishes used:

Base Coat: Seche Clear
Base Color: Milani Whitest White
NYX Paradise Nude
Orly Venetian Vinyl
Caronia Black Velvet
Top Coat: Seche Vite

Thanks for reading.



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