Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RANDOM: How do you store your nail art accessories?

Hi everyone! Do you like nail art accessories like rhinestones, bullion beads, half-pearls, glitters, etc..?  I do! I got very addicted to them and hoarded so much! And one of my problems back then was storage! Some of the decorations were in small plastic sachets which were always at risk of toppling over and getting scattered all over the floor. I'll be showing you some of the ways that these teeny tiny decors can be stored.

Wheels are often sold with the Nail art decorations. 

I hated this so much! It always, ALWAYS ruins my manicure! You need to turn it endlessly so the open part will be right over the section that you want to use. 

Pill box/ Medicine box 
This has compartments, comes in different colors and the flaps can be slid off the box itself.

I didn't like it that much, I can't find any box that was just right, (clear, flaps that are easy to open but contents are secured). There were gaps on the cover so glitters will still spill even if closed. So, nope, that won't do.

A 30-pc pot set, has own plastic case for storage

I love this! I've been using this ever since I hoarded nail decorations. The pots are clear, just right for small things like rhinestones, sequins, pearls, and much more!

There's a cover to let the dust out.

 Here's without the cover

The plastic case helps the pots from rolling off your table or so nothing gets lost when your not using it.

 See that cover? That's really easy to remove, there's no chance of a ruined manicure when you use this one!

I have 3 sets of this and a smaller version of it. You can also put buttons, needles or beads if you're into sewing or well, almost anything! Even jewelry!  This is portable too! You can just bring the pot that you need! You don't have to bring all of it with you, unlike with wheels and medicine boxes. 

So how about you? How do you store your nail goodies?


Products were not sent to me by the company. These were bought with my own money.


rosey said...

sis san mo nabili yung set nung pots? antagal ko na naghahanap ng ganyan. nakakita ako dati sa hk pa, ndi ako nakabili.

Camille said...

Sa heavenly stitchin sa MOA,meron din sa beautylane, mas mura.. Sayang, baka mas mura kung bumili ka nun sa hk =)

rosey said...

magkano sis? hindi ako bumili kase akala ko ok pag nasa nail wheel, hindi pala, tumatapon.

Camille said...

Sa heavenly stitchin Php600, pero baka nagmura na yun, 2009 ko pa naman nabili yan e, sa beautylane PhpP325 ata yun

Jan (hueandme-jan.blogspot.com) said...

i have those rhinestones in wheels but not in pots. super inggit ako! hehe

Camille said...

You can snag those at Heavenly Stitchin'.. Any branch siguro =)

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

I need all these stones :)


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