Monday, January 24, 2011

NAIL ART: Cracked Chocolate Eggs

Hi everyone! This will be quick, I just want to show you a very cheap Crackle Polish which I talked about on my last post. It's BK Crackle polish. I chose brown and guess how much per bottle? Php100 or $2.30! Freakin cheap! Although the SA warned me that the cracks last about 2-3 days even with a strong topcoat. It's ok, it means there's more time to experiment with other colors! =)

I used BK Dark Turquiose as base and topped it with one thick coat of BK Brown crackle polish. Sealed it off with 2 coats of Orly Top 2 Bottom. 2 coats coz I wanted to see if it would last for 5 days.

This is the easiest nail art that I've ever done! All you have to do is to paint the crackle on top, sit back and watch the amazing thing that's gonna happen! Although there's one thing that I don't like. Clean up. Once it dries up, it gets powdery and really hard to remove! I use a clean brush for skin clean ups but for this, I used the cuticle pusher then the brush. I had to scrape it because if I used the brush, it will just mess it up more! Good thing it looks good, coz if not, I might have removed all of it from my nails!

Anyway, I also won a giveaway from Rory of VarnishVixen! Yey! Thanks Rory! =)

I'm so excited for these to be on my doorstep!

That's it for me today, Happy Monday! =)



Toesthattwinkle! said...

OMG this is so cool! LOVE it!

Jan ( said...

i "need" this cracking polish.. lol.. i wanna head to alabang now just to buy this. that's 3 hours away from where i am at. oh crap! but wait, i saw someone selling it on fb. gotta check it out :)

Camille said...

Where do you live? I know places that sell those, You might be near one, So you don't have to buy it online- not that I'm against it, It's just easier that way =)

Painting Rainbows said...

Where can you buy this? I found it on one website for $6.00. Where can you get it this cheap? I'd like to know multiple places please :D.

Camille said...

Hi there! I'll give you the link where you can buy this cheap. She's a filipina online seller, you can check out her facebook -!/profile.php?id=100001230948960

She ships internationally too=)


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