Monday, October 25, 2010

GIVEAWAYS: 365 days for Daily Polish!

Oh, before I forget, There's an awesome giveaway from The Daily Polish. She's celebrating her 365th day. As a way of celebrating, she's gonna give out a gazillion nail polish! Be a follower and you might win a prize!=)

Again that's The Daily Polish

Ok, now its reaaally my time to sleep.

SWATCH : Am I your teenage dream?

Hi! It’s been raining hard tonight and I was stranded a few kilometers from our house.  Flood was hip deep, I was lucky enough to be dry during the whole time I was there. Anyway, I read about the new line that’s coming up from OPI. They’re teaming up with KATY PERRY!

Shades are Teenage Dream, Not Like the Movies, Last Friday Night, The One That Got Away and  Black Shatter. I'm eyeing on Teenage Dream and Black Shatter though a lot of polish lines already released crackle polish. I'm excited for this line! It's like being Katy Perry for a day. =P Well that's just plain cheesy. 

Anyway. I also did a swatch earlier of a local nail polish. It's Caronia Silver Sand. I like the color but its too streaky. Too bad =( But maybe with more practice there might be a chance of me applying it perfectly. 

Direct Sunlight

Indoors: No Flash
So that's it for today. Time to sleep.

Goodnight =)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

SWATCH: Quick post: LA Girl Rockstar Headbanging

Its insane! I was so busy last week, all I could do by the time I got home was clean up and sleep. That's it. Hopefully this week will be better. Hurrah for the long weekend! =P  Means more time for swatches! And no loot for me this week. Thanks to my boyfriend who sure is trying to prevent me from being a hoarder. =P Anyway, I did a swatch of LA Girl Rockstar Headbanging that I got from Its a jelly that's mermaid-y in color with a subtle hint of glitter. 

Isn't it gorgeous?

I also did a nail art design. Though I dont have a clear shot of it. Here's the best that I got. Its still messy because I was in a hurry.

Now I need to catch up on my swatches. =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

SWATCH: Milani Juicy Glo


That was the feeling I had from the minute I woke up until later this afternoon. I was very hostile towards everyone. I tried to keep my mind occupied. I played with my cat, I tried reading, I cooked, I watched a movie. I even tried to take a nap. But nothing worked. Though painting my nails orange did cheer me up a bit. My boyfriend then told me to get ready for he was going to take me out on a date. =) But before dinner, he took me to a place where I can release my frustrations. Then I saw it. Rows and rows of colorful bottles. If I were a slot machine I would've gone "ding! ding! ding! ding! ding!". But of course I just smiled at him and chose what I wanted. The OPI Swiss and Burlesque Collection was available, But I made a pass on the Swiss because I haven't pondered on it yet. And since I love glitter, I chose Sparkle-icious and Tease-y does it. Sparkle-icious is full of glitters while Tease-y does it is a plum-based shimmer with red glitters. There wont be any swatches yet. 


For this color, I admit, I didn't like it at all the first time I saw it. It was orange. Neon Orange. I hated the color so much. Earlier this year, my mom bought this polish for me and also chose the color. She insisted, demanded that I should have this color. I'm not a fan of orange or peach colors because it looks hideous on me. But since my mom gave it to me, I didn't have any choice. So I reluctantly took it and placed it in my stash. Months passed and I never batted an eyelash over it. Not until today. I tried just a coat of it. not yet satisfied. 2 coats. Nah. Then on my 3rd coat, I was slowly starting to appreciate its color. Its rubbery. Its cheerful. Its perky! I was starting to feel less irritated by the minute. Anyway, back to the polish. It was so bright, but its not screaming at you-bright. Its like let's hold hands and laugh together-bright. You know what I mean. So here's how it looks like-

 See how it looks so rubbery?

 both photos - with flash

So I played around with it. I tried it with Organic Farm RD03. I should've removed those hearts. And layered with more glitter. Anyway, next time I'm using this one, its for halloween. I'll be drawing in some pumpkin faces=) 

  No flash, artificial light

Time to sleep, Goodnight.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GIVEAWAYS: from The Lacquer Files

Hi! There's this awesome giveaway from The Lacquer Files. She's giving away Eyeko goodies! It ends on Oct. 31, 2010. Click to join! =)

SWATCH: LA Girl Rockstar Addict

I was browsing through the blogs that I follow and saw "The Daily Nail". Her blog's about 365 nail designs in 365 days. Wow. Talk about hardwork. Her blog's really awesome. Its only a day or two before her 365th design. So what's in store for us after her 365th post? Well, we just have to wait and see.

So my nail color today was part of the loot that I ordered from Its La Girl Rockstar Addict. Its a red jelly with silver shimmer in it. Application was easy and its now included among my favorites.

 No flash

Still without flash

With flash

Its bloody. Its sexy. Its.. I'm lost for words. But, since I love glitter, (even if its so damn hard to remove!) I don't enjoy it that much since it only has hint of it. Anyway, its one pretty color so I still like it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

SWATCH: China Glaze Unplugged

Today I had the chance of trying out Unplugged. Its included in the Ecollection of China Glaze in the spring of 2008.  Its bronze with a hint of gold shimmer. At first I had a hard time applying it coz it was a tad streaky. But when it dried up, it was just downright beautiful.

I just love how it looks on my nails.

No flash, indoors

With flash

So overall I like it a lot. Im also thinking of a design for this color. Cupcakes maybe? =)



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RANDOM: New Loot: LA Girl, China Glaze & Konad

Last week, I ordered 3 polishes from belle after learning that she's gonna hold a blog sale. After a few days, my package arrived. And look who joined my army =)

Theyre here! Its LA Girl Rockstar Headbanging and Addict and China Glaze Unplugged. I cant wait to try them all out. But then I'm still drunk and high over Etude House's RD010, so maybe next week =)

I also had the chance to have new image plates. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I had a deal that if I'm gonna help him out with a few details from his presentation, an image plate will be my prize. And he gave me 2=)


I'm so excited to try this one out too!! Thanks babe! =)
Now I have to rest (im feeling a bit under the weather)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SWATCH: Etude House Dear Darling Nails #30 Black Glam, Dear darling nails 3D #RD010 & Orly Rock Candy

Last Saturday my boyfriend was able to accompany me to go to Etude house in a mall somewhere in Ortigas. Ive always wanted to check it out but because of conflicting schedules and errands during weekends going there was always put off. So last Saturday, I was giddy as a kid after learning were both free to go.

The Shop was so cute! Its pink, its girly, its fantastic! Upon entering, I immediately looked for their nail polish stand. I stood there just gazing upon the creamy, glittery goodness. Wow. I love the bottle too! Picked the polish I like and got Dear Darling Nails #30 Black Glam, Dear darling nails 3D #RD010. I instantly fell in love with both colors! Anyway, I'll show you why later =) Another thing, its very affordable too! Less than PHP200 a bottle! 

After Etude House we walked a bit and remembered I needed to buy some of my toiletries. We went to the department store but my pesky feet dragged me to the Orly polish stand. Too bad the Cosmic Fx collection's not yet available. But nothing to be sad about, I found Rock Candy=) After reading reviews about it I then included it on my wishlist. I love the color, and seeing the bottle made me want to eat it! It was like glaze on donuts! Anyway, I grabbed a bottle, my toiletries and paid. 

So these are all the pretty little bottles:

Now for the swatches:
This is Orly Rock Candy

Both pics are taken with flash. Did 3 coats to be opaque.

Its duochrome, with a hint of violet and blue. Pretty.

 Now here's Dear darling nails 3D #RD010

 Taken with flash!!! Sheer red with red glitters. Much like China Glaze's Ruby Pumps.  I did 3 coats for this. Well 2 is enough but I got high with all the glitters so I did 3.

 No flash

Who wouldn't love this color?

For the last one:  Dear Darling Nails #30 Black Glam

 This was taken without flash

It has black base with different colors of glitter.  I'm at complete awe with this.

 Yeah I know its a bit messy. Sorry =P

 With flash

I just cant stop looking at it. Its like I'm lost in space. Captivated by the stars.. Circling through the Milky Way...

Oh by the way, the downside is, it feels a little gritty without a topcoat. But once you brushed a little, the magic happens and the color just pops out! 

Next time I'll be getting other colors from this category. Or maybe their cremes. But then before I have  another of my anxiety attacks, I'd better go to sleep. So, Goodnight.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

SWATCH: Organic Farm, The Faceshop BR805

Today I was in the mood to do some swatches and a new nail art, yey! =)  So I picked from my stash and started with my Organic Farm purple glitter polish. This is sort of old, I bought it a year ago but its still in good shape. I thought it was just another bottle of glitters, but I was so wrong. It was simple, pretty, shiny and has a delicate look. 2 coats is enough for the glittery goodness but I got crazy with the color so I did 3. I was really happy about it, and planned on wearing that polish in the future. Maybe two weeks from now? =p
                                                               This was taken with flash.

A close up of my thumb

Aint it pretty? =)

Anyway, I also wanted to do a swatch with the color that I recently purchased. Its The Faceshop BR805. With this one, it has a pinkish/brownish shade that's creamy and cute. Maybe its not that close to Chanel Khaki Rose, It should be darker to be a dupe of that polish. But I liked it, it was easy to apply, no fuss and the brush wasn't that hard to work with.
This one's without flash.

With flash

Overall, I liked it a lot, great for days that I don't want screaming or dark colors. Its nice to look at, very soothing.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

NAIL ART: Starry Nails

Its friday again! Another weekend, another reason to stay out late. So before going out, I made something that Ive been missing so much.
Earlier today I cleaned and checked my stash, see if anything was missing or needed to be thrown. While inspecting every bottle, I came across my Face Shop BL604 and just wondered when was the last time that I have worn this color? The color was so pretty, so dark and rich. I put it away so i could wear it after cleaning everything.

And boy was I happy to see those colorful soldiers in order again. =)   

Ok, so after that I quickly gathered my tools and started doing my mani. The color reminded me of the night sky. There was this subtle shine of the microglitters which I love, so this was what I did:

 With a little help from Konad, I now have my stars twinkling on my nails. Sorry about the strands of kitty hair though.

I missed doing this, the last time I had my nails done, I think it was January of this year. My groove’s not entirely back yet so this is what Ive got right now. Hopefully in the coming weeks,  I’ll do something better.  And my nails aren’t that long either. Anyway.. for next week, Im thinking… MONSTERS!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

RANDOM: My first post

Hi! So this is my first post ever. Ive done blogging before but through my multiply account. I'll try to transfer some here since Ive already started some of my swatches there. I'll be sharing with you my nail art works, my nail polishes and things running haplessly in my head. So til then!




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