Saturday, July 6, 2013

NAIL ART: Houndstooth nails, SWATCH: Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue

Hi lovelies! How's everyone? Ive been meaning to do a konadicure for some time now. Finally got the will to do it! First few tries were a disaster! Its been years since I held the scraper and the stamper! I'm convinced, I need a new and bigger one. And also new plates :P Anyway. 

Today, I got tired of my Aztec nails, major part of it was that its sooo messed up. I wanted a cleaner and better nail design. I opted for the houndstooth cause I thought it was pretty neat. Let's get to the nails :)

Oh! Before that  let me show you my base coat:

Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue from the One Less Lonely Girl Collection

"Baby" Blue - a sky blue cream. 

Very pretty right? Application was a breeze, like butter. This is one of my favorite shades of blue. Now to the nail art!

Like it?

I used China Glaze First Mate for stamping.

Base Coat: Seche Clear
Base Color Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue
Stamp: China Glaze
Top Coat: Seche Vite
Image Plate: Big Plate B

That's it for today! Take Care!

Camille :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NAIL ART: Aztec Nails

Hi there ladies! Wow! Its been a while! I miss everything here. I haven't read any of the blog posts for the past 5 months. A little too long, right? Right now, I'm so behind on any new lines from nail polish brands. I'm not worrying so much since I live far far away from Manila, far from malls and department stores. Although there's one here that carries most of the new polishes from Revlon. But that's it. Oh, and I also got the chance to go to Red Dot Boutique several times. Man, its a gold mine there! Who would have thought that a local boutique could carry so many foreign brands. I even saw that banana powder from Ben Nye. And there's also Urban Decay, NYX, Sephora.. For the polishes, they have Zoya, OPI, Wet n' Wild, Orly.. Its a wonderland out there!!! There's also brushes from Charm, which I so so so love! And that portable vanity with lights! Oh, and I love the clothes!! Sans the high pricetag. But in a province like this, its a freakin gift! I could go on and on about this nifty little store. But, I can do that in another blogpost, with photos. :)

Ok.. So I am so late with my nail thingies. I do really hope I'll get my groove back. Its been months since my nails had color painted on it. I've been seeing tribal/aztec prints like everywhere. And yes, also on nails. I got really inspired and wanted to do my own take on aztec prints. So here, PLEASE, PLEASE, forgive my poor attempt on aztec nails. Its been awhile and I was having a hard time using my nail art brushes. Its not perfect, but it'll be better on my next posts. :)

 None of the prints here are the same.

I'd love to do a tutorial on how I did it, but I don't think this creation earns me the right to do it.

 It looks good from afar though ;p

Are you still scrolling down???

Left Hand

Left Thumb

Right Thumb

Right Hand
So there you have it! Oh, the polishes used:

Base Coat: Seche Clear
Base Color: Milani Whitest White
NYX Paradise Nude
Orly Venetian Vinyl
Caronia Black Velvet
Top Coat: Seche Vite

Thanks for reading.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Random: New Beginnings

Hello my lovelies! I'm so sorry for the long hiatus. Everything in my life was so fast paced in the past few months. From my work in the hospital, to baking cakes in December, vacations, family gatherings and my sudden move to the province of Laoag, Ilocos Norte. Its so beautiful here! Very laid back, but at least I can always have time to reflect and just soak in every single thing that's around me. So as of the moment, I am unemployed and trying to land myself a job in this city.

 I so want to do my nails! But I can't because all of my polishes are left in Manila and were still waiting for the truck to haul all our stuff here up north. I miss my oven and all my stuff that I left. The first two weeks we were here, we didn't have cable tv or even an internet connection. Good thing we brought the tv with us when we moved. It kept me sane by giving me all of my downloaded tv series.

I love the new apartment, there's so many things I can do here. It's not that big but I find it comfortable and quite nice. The rent is crazy cheap too. If I find an apartment like this in Manila, it would cost thrice the amount that we pay here. And I won't even get to live with my cats back there. Here, my cats rule the whole apartment. 

I did a little exploring here. In the center of the city, there are a few coffee shops and nice clothing stores which I visited during the weekend. I like the La Tabacalera Ilocos Lifestyle Center, its beside the museum. A little place where you can order coffee, read a good book while enjoying the Post-spanish architecture surrounding you. And markets that has fresh produce all the time. There are a lot of quaint little shops here that I have yet to visit. Nail posts might take a little more time, judging by the cargo truck's booking process. I saw Revlon polishes in Robinson's Ilocos Norte, just a few minutes from our place. So I can still buy neat polishes from here. There's also Orly in the Red Dot store. But I still need to visit that place to see for myself. 

Anyway, I hope everything's fine with you guys and also Happy Chinese New Year!

Camille =)

This was taken last year when I visited Ilocos, at the Bangui Windmills. Soo windy! :P


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