Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hi guys! Its been so long since my last post. I was so busy for months but of course I never forgot about hauling some! On my next post I'll show you my october-december loot. So watch out for that. Right now I'm working for the holidays. Man, it sucks! Anyway, hope everyone's having a blast. Happy holidays guys! - Camille - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hi everyone! Ready for a glitter bomb?

Today we have Milani Blue Flash from the Rockstar Heavy Glitter Nail Lacquer collection.

 A bright blue one coat glitter, but I did two to even it out.

It's really pretty amazing!!

There's no topcoat at all but still, its so sparkly!

Did you love it? I know I did. Thanks for reading.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

SWATCH: OPI DS Signature


Yup that's me, everyday, even during my off.

I don't even have the time to blog anymore. Or to look over my stuff for my lost license.

I really need something to cheer me up. I need to see color on my nails. I've been sporting the nude look for so long and I'm sick of it. I'll do it. Even just for a day.
But what color? I noticed it was really sunny outside. And what's the best polish seen under the sun? Of course! A holo! Perfect for a picker-upper!

I grabbed my untried OPI DS Signature.

This is OPI DS Signature

A pinkish mauve polish with scattered holo.

It's so darn pretty.

My photos didn't even give it justice.

This was taken outside with 2 coats.

It's still pretty even when indoors.

I really can't get enough of it.

Alright, well slight energy been restored, I just need more rest but for my happiness? I'm over the moon. Because today I get to paint my nails =)

Much love,


Friday, August 5, 2011

RANDOM: I'm still here

Hi everyone! Ive been dying to blog about anything for quite sometime - especially about polishes! A lot of new collections are out now and I'm trying to keep up with it. I'm very sorry for the long hiatus, can't help it with my busy schedule. So much for being a nurse here. Anyway, I've prepared some swatches but I haven't had the chance to edit and upload it so stay tuned for that. Well, I miss everyone! I try to read other blogs before I go to sleep but my body just gets the best of me.

Anyway, I'll be posting new swatches and designs in the future, I just can't promise when. Til my next post, thanks everyone!

much love, 


Friday, April 29, 2011

SWATCH: Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday! It's getting really really hot and humid here! 10AM and its already 32 degrees outside. I heard it'll get worse by the day. I just don't know if I can take it anymore. I've been having rashes all over because of the heat! Anyway, Since it's super sunny outside, summer colors are perfect right now. And Caronia has something for that. It's the Sweet Bliss Collection. It has 6 lovely colors that you can choose from. I'll be showing you all 6!

First Crush - a rich lilac cream that's easy to apply, no fuss, and good drying time. A one-coater! A first from Caronia since all of their colors are too sheer! One coat was enough but I did two to even it out. And I love when the real color pops out. Please don't mind the weird index fingernail shape. I accidentally chopped it off again while preparing food. Yes, I'm clumsy and careless. =P

Like it?

Well I do.

But not as much as the next one.

On the Go - an aqua green cream that's really pretty! Application was ok, brush was ok and drying time's good too.  Did two coats for this look. I personally love this color! It was the first thing that caught my eye in this collection. 

And now that I think about it, it looks like Orly Viridian Vinyl, just not with the satin finish. I'll be doing a comparison for that on my next post.

Love it?

Too much pictures?


But not for me coz I love looking at it.

Sun Kissed - a pumpkin orange cream. Did 2 coats, formula and application was ok. I had some trouble taking pictures, with flash it looks neon. And without, it looks really different.

So this is with flash, looks really squishy and rubbery.

And this is without flash, a bright orange cream.

Don't get me wrong, I like this color too.

Its looks nice on me, I think.

Summer Fling - Coral red in color with a cream finish. A one-coater with good formula, application was ok too. 

I like this color too, but not as much as the others.

Maybe I'm just not a fan of this type of color.

Baby Pink - A salmon pink cream. Needed 3 coats for this. I find it sheer and a tad streaky. I like it the least in this collection. I was hoping that it was like Barbie pink in color, really bright and vibrant. But I got very disappointed with this color. Anyway, here's the nails. 

I tried liking it because it was pink.

But I just cant.

 Sweet Surprise - This one's the brightest of them all!! a lemon yellow cream. You'll see tiny iridescent shimmer while applying but when its dry, it just disappears. So its a cream for me. Application was ok, a one coater, but I did two to achieve this look. Formula and drying time's good too.  

It's THIS bright and I didn't even need to put a white base under it.

I thought I love On the Go, seems like I love Sweet Surprise the most!

Awesome. Just freaking awesome.

There you have it! The Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection. My final say? I love how they did their creams now, its already a one-coater, with really vibrant colors. This collection is a must have in your stash!

Oh and btw, all the swatches doesn't have a topcoat at all. Thanks for reading guys. 


Monday, April 11, 2011

SWATCH: Caress Attraction

 Hi there ladies! 

I've been glittery and shiny this past few posts, so now, I'd like to have a cream post! See, I like creams too, although most of my polishes are glitters, shimmers and holos. Anyway, for today I have one of my beloved creams (just because of the color, not for the horrible formula) This is Caress Attraction.

Caress Attraction - a light taupe cream in color, application was ok. 


It was a little bit runny at first, manageable for me.

I love colors like this, it compliments my complexion.

Wear time? Ugh, dont ask. Just one day.

Anyway, hope you like this color too! I also had a chance to snag the whole Caronia Sweet Summer Bliss collection.
A little preview (photo credits from the website, click to visit)

That would be my next post. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SWATCH: UNI Chartreuse Yellow

Hi ladies! Pretty windy today. I spent the last day of my off alone, doing the laundry, dishes, cooking food, etc.. But it was all good. Sometimes, you need to spend some time alone to think things over, reflect a little and yeah, do stuff at home that you normally can't do during your work days. Of course, my day won't be complete without some swatching. So, let me show you something incredible. Its one of the polishes I won from Rory's giveaway. I give you UNI Chartreuse Yellow.

UNI Chartreuse Yellow - well, it really doesn't have a name, I just googled it up and the closest color was Chartreuse yellow. In the picture it looks like Golden Yellow but in real life, it has a little hint of green in it.

Application was ok, a one-coater but I did two to even things out. 

Sorry for the nubbins. I've been wanting to have longer nails,  its just that its not allowed at work.

 I think its a gorgeous color. One of the few yellows that I can wear.

It wasn't even streaky, formula was perfect. 

 I tried searching for this brand on the internet. Unfortunately, there was nothing. Zero.

But that's ok. I still have a very pretty polish that's just right for summer. And speaking of summer, I am so envious of my boyfriend because he's out in Boracay with his colleagues, enjoying the beach, basking in the sun and getting one heck of a tan! Bah- humbag. When will I have a nice vacation?? I'm so dying for one! But then, he's attending a conference there so he's technically still working even if he's on the island. =p

Oh, let me show you what Boracay looks like:

This is an aerial shot of the party island.

And here's the grotto.

And the beachfront. So anybody who's interested just click HERE to find out more of this island.

That's it for me today. Goodnight.

Camille =)


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