Saturday, December 11, 2010

SWATCH: Elianto Olive

Hi! Weekend's here again, usually I get so excited for weekend. Well not this time. I'm sort of in the middle of something and I'm feeling very much hopeless.. Have you ever felt so down about things that doesn't go your way because somebody's taking over your life? I'm pretty much in that situation. Well, before I bore you out of your wits, let me just show you something from Elianto. Elianto is a Malaysian cosmetics brand. They have a lot of really good colors for nail polish and make-up.

I'm going to show you Olive.

 Natural light, indoors

Elianto Olive, as the name would suggest, has an olive color that's leaning towards gold. This was 2 coats, application was okay, though it was a tad streaky. Nonetheless, its still a beautiful color. It also matches my skintone.

For my nail art, I used my black Konad special polish and stamped hearts on the tips. I'm pretty much over-using my black konad special polish. I used Orly Top 2 Bottom for the top coat.


Why black hearts? It's my silent protest.

 No flash

With flash
 With flash

Enjoy your weekend guys!

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