Monday, December 20, 2010

NAIL ART: Sweet-tooth

Hi everyone! Good Monday morning to you! One thing I'm raving about today? I got to get up at 10AM, because its our Christmas break from the office and work resumes next year! Goody! I have short trips in mind and a lot of polish shopping too! That is if my boyfriend lets me have all the polish that I want. He's like my conscience, constantly telling me if I still need to buy one when I have 5 already in the bag. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but a lot of times, I'm very thankful. Its for my own good anyway.

On to the nails:

Last week, I did a "trial" cupcake on a fake nail and I loved it! Now, I painted it on my nails with other things.

It looked like my middle finger's messed up, but its just the reflection of the light. =p

I used China Glaze Unplugged for the base. For the cupcake I used Bobbie White, Pink Lace and  Blue Sleigh. For the frosting on my pinky, I used Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl. For the index and ring, I used Pink konad special polish. I added a rhinestone on top of the cupcake and outlined it with silver beads.

That's it for me today, Enjoy!


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