Thursday, December 16, 2010

RANDOM: I just got tagged!

Earlier today I got tagged by Jamie of (Squoval)icious!. Thanks so much Jamie, so thoughtful of you! =)

Here we go:

1) What is your favourite bath product and why?
My favorite is something from our local beauty store, Watsons' Cream Body wash in Strawberry. Its cheap, doesn't make my skin dry and it smells so good!

2) If you could choose to be a celebrity for a day, who do you wanna be? why?
Maybe I'll go for Blake Lively. She's gorgeous with mile-long legs, amazing body and flirty hair.

3) Meteor showers or nice, long shower?
Nice, long, hot shower

4) Most hated word/slang?
If in my own language which is Tagalog, I'd say "syota". Eek. Even typing it made me cringe. It means a slang for a friend you're romantically involved with.
I hate "hubby" too. as in husband. Bleh.

5) Exams or essays? (haha cant resist this question :P )
Exams! Its better when you have choices rather than explaining things you hardly even know about. =p

6) Who is one person you most want to do a manicure on?
My boyfriend! Hahaha! He never lets me!

7) One place you wished you never left?
A place where I worked before. Met the best people on Earth!

8) Favourite cake?
Again, something that's locally available - Ms. Polly's chocolate cake - pure decadence. Moist cake with chocolate frosting. 

9) Which would you rather spend on - a dupe for your favouritest shade (discontinued) or the shade on top of your lemming list? (only have enough $ for one)
Oh that's easy, I'll go for the dupe which is discontinued. I might not find it anymore if I passed on it.

10) Which is your all-time favourite song?
Song? Hmm.. I don't have an all-time favorite but I like a lot of songs. =) Well how about from the most played playlist in my ipod? I'd say Glee =P

Alright! That's done, Now for the people that Im gonna tag:

Enjoy! I'll try to do a mani today, I'm still recovering at the moment.

Lots of love,



Im really sorry girls, I was too sick that I wasn't able to make my own questions.. So sorry.. I'll do it next time.


Jamie K. said...

it was fun for me :D thank u for passing this on hehe :) you could come up with your own questions ;)


Camille said...

oops! sorry jamie, I'll do that next time! =)

that's really nice of you, thanks again!

Lacey said...

he thank you for the tag!!


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