Sunday, December 12, 2010

NAIL ART: Cupcakes!

Hi everyone! I was blog-hopping a while ago and I came across Rina's blog (Simply Rins). Her designs were amazing! And her nail art that I got so smitten with? Her cupcakes! I'm still trying this one out, I tried it first on fake nails.. I'm still undecided on the colors that I'm gonna be using.

Pinky or ring?

I wasn't able to use the beads because 1) I was too lazy to stand up
                                                           2) I was trying to see if glitters will work as well

I also added some fimo flowers at the base and a pink rhinestone on top.

Again, pinky or ring? =)


Lady C. said...

Everyone's doing cupcakes! :) I'm getting a huge craving for them now. Between looking at a few bloggers' nails and their cupcakes and my own...Gah. I'm probably baking tonight!

Thanks for following me! :)

Camille said...

Yup, everyone's doing it. Wouldn't it be fun if the real cupcakes look like how we paint it? =)
Post some pictures on what you'll bake!

Thanks for following me too! I love reading your blog, its very informative =)

Aryn said...

wow I love cupcakes, and it seems to be in right now. Will def try replicating yours!

Aryn of (please check it out if you have the time)

Camille said...

thanks aryn! you should also check out Rina's blog ( That's where the original idea is from =)Her's is way better. Goodluck on your cupcake and tell us how it went! =)


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