Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RANDOM: Cutest polish bottle ever!

Well not EVER, but one of the cutest maybe. Hi everyone! Yesterday, I was lazily looking around the department store for anything that I can find interesting. I looked in the women's department, nah. nothing special. I looked in the school supplies section, cosmetics section, and still, nothing! Then I walked some more until my feet led me to the toys section. I looked at Barbies and clays and doll houses.. Until I walked over to the "cosmetics" part of the toys section.There were make-up, lip glosses were everywhere, clips, cute mirrors and this:

 Cupcake Cuties Nail Polish!

When I saw the box, I didn't think it over, I just paid and left the building giddy and almost skipping with glee. The whole box is Php199, about $4. And the cutest addition to it, the caps! 

 Completely non-toxic, peel-off nail polish.

I tried swatching the blue one with a fake nail. It was sheer. Really really sheer. And the drying time? Takes about, well, FOREVER. Well, not really. I wasn't able to track the time but maybe dry to touch in about 30 minutes or so. I haven't tried putting a base coat first, maybe that might change things.  I'll try swatching it on my nails in a few days. I cant do it today because I'm sick. Yup, fever, sorethroat, headache. All those stuff.

That's it for me!



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