Sunday, December 19, 2010

RANDOM: I won and guess the polish that arrived in our shores!

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Mine was great! (Despite the fact that I had rashes all over which made everyone so paranoid since I recently had fever-- They thought I had dengue fever) I wasn't too worried myself. Last Friday I went with my dad (yup, he's my boss) to the company's Christmas Party. It was ok, the Nachos were amazing! I should've taken a picture. Nachos were dumpling-like so it wasnt messy at all, and the cheese, it was generously placed on top of each so you wont have to dip every time you'll take a bite. And the first thing you'll do is to gobble it up in one piece. Man, it was so good! I cant describe it any further. I'll go back there next time, order that nachos, i'll also take a picture so I can give justice to this awesome food.

I'm also suspecting that it was the nachos that caused my allergic reaction. Great. So much for the good stuff.


I was walking inside the department store (SM Sucat) when I saw where the Revlons were. I was hoping I might stumble on Perplex.. And no, there wasn't any. But look what I found on their New Arrivals:

 Revlon Emerald City and Ruby Ribbon

Wow. Again, I didnt think twice, got the 2 bottles and hurriedly paid. There were two other colors, I might get those this week. But I just had to take these first. Aren't they pretty? 

I just love it!

I'll be swatching that one of these days. I still have a lot of untrieds. 


I won a giveaway from Jenny of Polishology!!  It's the ELF Holiday Nail Polish Trio! I'm really excited!! Thanks so much Jenny! This is my first time to win something from a fellow blogger. Thanks for being so generous Jenny! 

Ok, I'm drowsy from the antihistamine that I took, I cant fight it anymore.. I.. need.. to.. sleep.. Goodnight...



Lindsay M. B. said...

Ah! You have "Ruby Ribbon"! So lucky! I love love love "Emerald City" and I've seen "Ruby Ribbon" swatched on people's blogs and it's so beautiful!


Camille said...

i love ruby ribbon too, although I think it looks better with a top coat on.


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