Saturday, October 2, 2010

NAIL ART: Starry Nails

Its friday again! Another weekend, another reason to stay out late. So before going out, I made something that Ive been missing so much.
Earlier today I cleaned and checked my stash, see if anything was missing or needed to be thrown. While inspecting every bottle, I came across my Face Shop BL604 and just wondered when was the last time that I have worn this color? The color was so pretty, so dark and rich. I put it away so i could wear it after cleaning everything.

And boy was I happy to see those colorful soldiers in order again. =)   

Ok, so after that I quickly gathered my tools and started doing my mani. The color reminded me of the night sky. There was this subtle shine of the microglitters which I love, so this was what I did:

 With a little help from Konad, I now have my stars twinkling on my nails. Sorry about the strands of kitty hair though.

I missed doing this, the last time I had my nails done, I think it was January of this year. My groove’s not entirely back yet so this is what Ive got right now. Hopefully in the coming weeks,  I’ll do something better.  And my nails aren’t that long either. Anyway.. for next week, Im thinking… MONSTERS!!

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