Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RANDOM: New Loot: LA Girl, China Glaze & Konad

Last week, I ordered 3 polishes from belle after learning that she's gonna hold a blog sale. After a few days, my package arrived. And look who joined my army =)

Theyre here! Its LA Girl Rockstar Headbanging and Addict and China Glaze Unplugged. I cant wait to try them all out. But then I'm still drunk and high over Etude House's RD010, so maybe next week =)

I also had the chance to have new image plates. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I had a deal that if I'm gonna help him out with a few details from his presentation, an image plate will be my prize. And he gave me 2=)


I'm so excited to try this one out too!! Thanks babe! =)
Now I have to rest (im feeling a bit under the weather)

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