Friday, October 15, 2010

SWATCH: Milani Juicy Glo


That was the feeling I had from the minute I woke up until later this afternoon. I was very hostile towards everyone. I tried to keep my mind occupied. I played with my cat, I tried reading, I cooked, I watched a movie. I even tried to take a nap. But nothing worked. Though painting my nails orange did cheer me up a bit. My boyfriend then told me to get ready for he was going to take me out on a date. =) But before dinner, he took me to a place where I can release my frustrations. Then I saw it. Rows and rows of colorful bottles. If I were a slot machine I would've gone "ding! ding! ding! ding! ding!". But of course I just smiled at him and chose what I wanted. The OPI Swiss and Burlesque Collection was available, But I made a pass on the Swiss because I haven't pondered on it yet. And since I love glitter, I chose Sparkle-icious and Tease-y does it. Sparkle-icious is full of glitters while Tease-y does it is a plum-based shimmer with red glitters. There wont be any swatches yet. 


For this color, I admit, I didn't like it at all the first time I saw it. It was orange. Neon Orange. I hated the color so much. Earlier this year, my mom bought this polish for me and also chose the color. She insisted, demanded that I should have this color. I'm not a fan of orange or peach colors because it looks hideous on me. But since my mom gave it to me, I didn't have any choice. So I reluctantly took it and placed it in my stash. Months passed and I never batted an eyelash over it. Not until today. I tried just a coat of it. not yet satisfied. 2 coats. Nah. Then on my 3rd coat, I was slowly starting to appreciate its color. Its rubbery. Its cheerful. Its perky! I was starting to feel less irritated by the minute. Anyway, back to the polish. It was so bright, but its not screaming at you-bright. Its like let's hold hands and laugh together-bright. You know what I mean. So here's how it looks like-

 See how it looks so rubbery?

 both photos - with flash

So I played around with it. I tried it with Organic Farm RD03. I should've removed those hearts. And layered with more glitter. Anyway, next time I'm using this one, its for halloween. I'll be drawing in some pumpkin faces=) 

  No flash, artificial light

Time to sleep, Goodnight.


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