Sunday, October 3, 2010

SWATCH: Organic Farm, The Faceshop BR805

Today I was in the mood to do some swatches and a new nail art, yey! =)  So I picked from my stash and started with my Organic Farm purple glitter polish. This is sort of old, I bought it a year ago but its still in good shape. I thought it was just another bottle of glitters, but I was so wrong. It was simple, pretty, shiny and has a delicate look. 2 coats is enough for the glittery goodness but I got crazy with the color so I did 3. I was really happy about it, and planned on wearing that polish in the future. Maybe two weeks from now? =p
                                                               This was taken with flash.

A close up of my thumb

Aint it pretty? =)

Anyway, I also wanted to do a swatch with the color that I recently purchased. Its The Faceshop BR805. With this one, it has a pinkish/brownish shade that's creamy and cute. Maybe its not that close to Chanel Khaki Rose, It should be darker to be a dupe of that polish. But I liked it, it was easy to apply, no fuss and the brush wasn't that hard to work with.
This one's without flash.

With flash

Overall, I liked it a lot, great for days that I don't want screaming or dark colors. Its nice to look at, very soothing.

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