Friday, November 19, 2010

SWATCH: China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald

Hi everyone! Finally, the week is over! Everything was so exhausting. I need a break, a vacation.. Fortunately, our office's Christmas party will be early. December 15! Yey! And that's about a month from now! After that, no more work til January!! Means more time for swatches!


Today I did a swatch of China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald.

See how pretty it is?

It's a dark green frost with metallic shimmer. Not really emerald-y though.
Sorry for the kitty hair strand =p

Natural light:

Artificial light, with flash:

But since I just bought a new image plate (Konad m65), I tried it out with China Glaze 2030. Stamping was a bitch. It won't stick to my finger err nail! So there's my imperfect stamp. Im not really happy about it. I might change it tomorrow.I got China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald and 2030 from My Digital Traincase.

I also have something from Caronia and Elianto

 (L-R) Caronia Godess, Caronia Dare, Elianto Grape Wine

 Caronia Godess: Its a green duochrome with gold shimmer

Caronia Dare: A rich blue-green shimmer

 Elianto Grape Wine: A bloody red jelly

I cant wait to do a swatch with these guys =)  Happy Weekend!


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