Friday, November 12, 2010

NAIL ART: Growling over Elianto Burnt Umber

Hi! How was your week? Mine was tiresome but its ok, its my birthday week! Early this week I bought 2 new colors from The Faceshop, BK901 and SL211. Then I saw this cool shade from Elianto, Burnt Umber. And lastly I got my first bottle of Wet n' Wild Wild Shine Night Prowl. It reminds me of China Glaze Mummy may I, though Ive only seen it in pictures.

The letters from the name got a bit smudged because my fingers were all covered up with Lemony Flutter while I was removing the tag price and when I took the shot.

I did a swatch over Elianto Burnt Umber. I was a bit disappointed because when the polish dried on my nails, it looked plain. boring. Even the glitters dont shine that much. In the bottle its like copper with red jelly undertone and gold glitters. But on the nails, it wasn't what I was expecting.

 With flash

Natural Light

So I can cover up my frustration, I jazzed it up a little bit. I used Konad m57 and Konad Special Black Polish. Both pictures were taken with flash.

This one's taken under direct sunlight:


By the way, Im going to the Karl Edwards Bazaar in the NBC tent in The Fort to buy more loot! My Digital Traincase will be there!

That's it for me, Goodnight.


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