Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SWATCH : Bobbie: Glitter Collection

Right now I want to show you something that's local here in the Philippines. Its Bobbie Nail Polish. It comes in 10ml bottles and its really cheap! Only Php33.00 each. Back in college, when I was just starting out collecting polishes, Bobbie satisfied my cravings. It was easy to find, almost all the drugstores and supermarkets carry this brand and its cheap. I didn't spend this much on nail polish before because 1. I was a student. (Meaning no budget! Haha! And since I live in a dorm that time, every peso was important!) 2. I was a nursing student. (I cant even grow my nails since our clinical instructors never failed to check them!). So there. Those were my reasons.

So on with Bobbie. They have nice colors too if you'll just take the time to look! I swatched 3 colors from their glitter collection. It's Snow Glitz, Chestnut and Sparklers. 

First swatch: Bobbie Snow Glitz

 Indoors: Natural Light

  Indoors: Natural Light

 With Flash

Bobbie Snow Glitz - Its a silver foil and only 2 coats are needed to be opaque. 

Second Swatch: Chestnut

 Indoors: Natural Light

With Flash

Bobbie Chestnut: Its a sheer gold foil. Needs 3 coats to be opaque.

Third Swatch: Bobbie Sparklers

 With Flash

Indoors: Natural Light

Bobbie Sparklers: Its a Glittery Jelly that's leaning towards bronze.

Overall, these are nice colors but the most striking is Snow Glitz. For me, Chestnut is just too sheer for foils and with Sparklers, I just don't like how dark it is for a gold color.

That's it for me today. 


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