Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RANDOM : Just an update

Busy busy weekend! Saturday was with my boyfriend's family at Megamall, All day Sunday I was with my family. We went to Los Banos Memorial and La Loma. Went there on a 31 to avoid the crowd. Today,  November 1, spent the day with my boyfriend and he bought me 2 bottles of Orly! He's setting limits for polish hauls. One is enough in a week. And since he bought 2, I wont be buying one next weekend. Great. There goes my birthday. Well nothing to fret about! I got 2 amazing colors! Purple Pleather and It's up to Blue. Swatches will be for next week. Im really late with my posts. I wont be going to work tomorrow so I'll be posting as much as I can. 

Oh, and there's a 50% sale going on for RBL nail polish. Too bad I cant order one. Zoya's hosting a sale today too. Bah-humbag.

Well then, Ciao! Happy Halloween!


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