Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi everyone! Happy Hump day! I'm a bit sad right now. You see, tomorrow I might start working as a nurse again in the hospital. I'll be a volunteer nurse with just a pesky allowance. Nurses here in the Philippines start off as a volunteer first. And if you're lucky, they might hire you eventually. I've always wanted a career change but I can't. My parents keep on bugging me about my future and not think about short term plans.

Anyway. I'm getting depressed and I don't like it at all.

So right now, I'm not sure if the hospital that I'm gonna be working for allow nurses to wear polish. I'm praying that they do. I've seen an older nurse wearing nail art in that hospital before. I'm crossing my fingers.=)

I planned on doing another hearts day nail art but since I got a call from the hospital, I switched to just a simple mani. Hope this brightens up my day.

Please don't mind the bubbles. I tried to even it out by using a topcoat.

BNC 391 - A grayish mauve cream. It was thick but manageable, bubbly and the brush is a nightmare. It was so thick, I wish I used a finer brush for this. But nonetheless, its still a beautiful color.

Does it look familiar?

 My kind of Cool Aid maybe? or Dove?

Or not.

Well, overall, I like it, but I might make a few changes. Like the brush perhaps?

That's it for me today. Enjoy your day ladies!



ThRiSzHa said...

love the shade

Camille said...

thanks ate johanne! =)

Kee said...

Hang in there Camille!! Kaya mo yan! I had to work as basically a volunteer nurse for my clinical here too. Imagine doing almost 500 hrs of 12 hr night shifts for free! =(

Btw...very nice colour!

Camille said...

Wow, Thank you KC! Thanks for the motivation.. Mejo kasi I'm slowly losing hope.. I've had my license for almost 3 yrs now, and still there are no developments. This is my 3rd hospital for volunteer, 1st one, dialysis, only lasted for 4 months because that's the maximum time they're allowing volunteers to practice in their hospital. For my 2nd hospital, I lasted for 2 weeks, they extended my shift to 12 hours, I never had a chance to take a break nor eat meals during those 12 hours because there were only 3 nurses including me in the station. Oh and no offs, straight for 14 days. And I was a newbie. I didnt know how things were done there, and they left me alone to figure it out by myself. Orientation is a must diba? So I left. And here's my 3rd hospital.. I'm wishing everything will work out here. Im really losing hope and time. And this is really long.. Haha! Really, thanks for the kind words.

Kee said...

Wow kaloka naman yan! Orientation is definitely a must!! I really hope you have a better experience in this hospital! Being a nurse is very hard but very rewarding work. Hindi pwede kahit sino lang maging nurse, one has to have to have a heart for it. So wag kang mag give up, mahahanap mo rin ang hospital na maganda para sa yo. =)

Kee said...

Camille, I linked you in my blog! I wanted to show swatches of Weng-weng at super ganda ng swatches mo!

I hope it's ok! Thank you!


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