Monday, May 14, 2012

NAIL ART: Gradient Nails

Hi lovelies! Finally, I had time to blog. My gosh, the weekend was so packed with activities that I only had barely 2-3 hours of sleep! Whew! Awake for more than 24 hours last Friday then 2-3 hours of sleep during Saturday and Sunday! I was always out so I never had the chance to post anything. 

Anyway, I made these nails last Friday morning but I didn't have a chance to take a photo of my newly manicured nails until this morning. So this is 3 days of wear already, enduring a lot of activities hence the tipwear. Please please, bear with my nails, because 1) I was in a dark room when I made it. 2) I dont have my fine cleaning brush with me so I used a bigger brush hence the uneven cuticle lines. But I'm happy with my nails even if its a little bit effed up.

For this gradient, I used Etude House BL501 for the base and Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue from The One Less Lonely Girl Collectionfor sponging.

It's so nice and easy, will try it again soon! 

That's it for today, on my next post it will be much much more presentable than this. Thanks for reading!

Camille =)

1 comment:

Polished Pinay said...

I like the cool colors you used, very soothing to look at :)


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