Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SWATCH: UNI Chartreuse Yellow

Hi ladies! Pretty windy today. I spent the last day of my off alone, doing the laundry, dishes, cooking food, etc.. But it was all good. Sometimes, you need to spend some time alone to think things over, reflect a little and yeah, do stuff at home that you normally can't do during your work days. Of course, my day won't be complete without some swatching. So, let me show you something incredible. Its one of the polishes I won from Rory's giveaway. I give you UNI Chartreuse Yellow.

UNI Chartreuse Yellow - well, it really doesn't have a name, I just googled it up and the closest color was Chartreuse yellow. In the picture it looks like Golden Yellow but in real life, it has a little hint of green in it.

Application was ok, a one-coater but I did two to even things out. 

Sorry for the nubbins. I've been wanting to have longer nails,  its just that its not allowed at work.

 I think its a gorgeous color. One of the few yellows that I can wear.

It wasn't even streaky, formula was perfect. 

 I tried searching for this brand on the internet. Unfortunately, there was nothing. Zero.

But that's ok. I still have a very pretty polish that's just right for summer. And speaking of summer, I am so envious of my boyfriend because he's out in Boracay with his colleagues, enjoying the beach, basking in the sun and getting one heck of a tan! Bah- humbag. When will I have a nice vacation?? I'm so dying for one! But then, he's attending a conference there so he's technically still working even if he's on the island. =p

Oh, let me show you what Boracay looks like:

This is an aerial shot of the party island.

And here's the grotto.

And the beachfront. So anybody who's interested just click HERE to find out more of this island.

That's it for me today. Goodnight.

Camille =)


Hazel said...

is it made locally? :) the shade is perfect for summer ;D

Camille said...

Hi dear! No, its from Japan =)


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