Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hi everyone! Ready for a glitter bomb?

Today we have Milani Blue Flash from the Rockstar Heavy Glitter Nail Lacquer collection.

 A bright blue one coat glitter, but I did two to even it out.

It's really pretty amazing!!

There's no topcoat at all but still, its so sparkly!

Did you love it? I know I did. Thanks for reading.



Akuma Kanji said...

A heavy glitter!!!! I fell in love with these very recently! I'm trying to find more and more and this one is one I would love to have, for sure! :)

Camille said...

Yup! This one's a must have, you should try Silver Dazzle too, it's amazing! =)

Nails My Dreams said...

Hi! Just want to ask where do you buy your Milani polishes?

Camille said...

Hi Nails My dreams! I bought mine from Annie/ Johanne's Fab Ur Nails shop in facebook. They belong in a nail art/polish group called faburnails. You should join too! It's fun talking to girls like us who share the same passion. If you're not yet a member you can send me your email address so I can endorse it to the administrators. Btw, here's the link to the shop- Thanks for reading!


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